Procedure to Setup the System to work with GOPROC

Download Installer for GOPROC Setup (Java software & Digital Signed Component Installer)


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It is mandatory to setup the system to use GOPROC with a Digital Signed Certificate. This is a one-time-Step process.


  • Any system (Desktop or Laptop) with Windows Operating System
  • Already registered and approved either as a Bidder Company (to participate in the Events conducted on GOPROC) or an Events Authority Company (to conduct Events – eTender or eAuction or both)

Instructions to setup the System to access GOPROC:

  1. Download the GOPROC PKI.exe file on to your System.
  2. Click on GOPROC PKI.exe to start the Installation of the JAVA Run Time Environment (JRE) Ver 1.8 and the Installation of the Digital Signature Component to your System.
  3. Follow the Instructions and proceed as per the screenshots shown below:
  4. PKI setup
  5. Click on Next in the above screen.
  6. PKI installing PKI configer
  7. Click on Finish as shown below.
  8. PKI finish
  9. With this your installation is completed. You can minimise the window that shows GOPROC – Digitally Signed.
  10. PKI mini
  11. Go to the GOPROC
  12. Plug in your USB with Digital Signature
  13. Install the drivers for the USB device.
  14. On Successful installation of the USB device, proceed to Login to the application (either as a Bidder or as an Events Authority, provided you already have successfully registered on the application and your login credentials have been set by you).