What are our services?

GOPROC, launched by businessgateways (India), offers state-of-the-art eProcurement services with world-class support. Be it standalone services or a 'do-it-yourself' model or a full-fledged eAuction Event, GOPROC has just the right procurement solutions for you. With a premium pool of validated Bidders, all you need to do is either buy at best price or sell at even better price.

Is Bidder registration free?

Yes, your company can register for free as a Bidder.

How can a Bidder participate in eAuctions?

A Bidder's participation in the eAuction is subject to the Bidder meeting all criteria laid down by the Auctioneer and obtaining final approval by the Auctioneer.

How will a Bidder be notified of upcoming eAuctions?

Once an Auctioneer approves a Bidder Profile, a Bidder will receive both an email notification and a Dashboard notification informing of the same.

Can someone make a last second bid to win the Event?

Last minute bid is not encouraged. However, the extension duration of an eAuction is at the discretion of the Auctioneer. At the time of publication of an eAuction, the Auctioneer must choose to set an extension of duration for this feature to function.

Will I be informed of new opportunities?

Once you have registered yourself as a Bidder, Auctioneer will see your name in the list of Bidders. If selected, you will be notified of upcoming eAuctions and opportunities.

Can I directly contact the Auctioneer?